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We equip scientists with practical, proven communications skills to engage your audience with confidence, authenticity and impact.

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“Science is not finished until it is communicated.”

Research communications have evolved beyond recognition. In the digital age it’s more important than ever to cut through the
noise, communicate the facts and connect
with their audiences with clarity and impact.

Welcome to Scientifically.

Now more than ever, the scientific and medical community is under the microscope and in front of the media. Good science should never be badly communicated.

But communicating science responsibly requires great skill. The world has changed, and so must we. Delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people, through the right channel, in the right way is critical.

Because when audiences are engaged, the science can be advanced, systems can be enhanced and patient outcomes can be improved.

OPEN courses

Why communications skills for scientists?

Our courses teach you how to become a compelling scientific speaker so that you can put your message across with confidence and clarity. 

Our courses cover the core purpose, principles and practicalities of presenting complex information in the most compelling way. Whether onscreen, online or on stage, in conversation, presentation, publication or poster – if you can communicate clearly and powerfully, your work stands a much better chance of making the difference you want to make.
Enhance your reputation and relationships, credibility and career, influence and impact by telling stories that are as powerful as the science behind them.

Our courses help physicians and scientists do exactly that.

With a modular curriculum based on the core principles of great communications, including verbal and visual, risk and reputation, mindset, messaging and media.



custom training

Our custom training can be provided individually or in groups, in person or virtually.

For individuals or teams. Whether you’re preparing for an important keynote, panel discussion or proposal, we design a curriculum that will ensure you deliver the right message to your audience in the right way to create results.

Give your work the power to reach the next level, you need next level communications skills.

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What our students say about our training

Why don’t they teach us this in medical school?

JL, medical oncologist, Belgium

Thank you so much for you advice and suggestions, I have some issues with self confidence and one of my main concern is not to show them when speaking in public. I have learnt a lot of skills to surpass this, and I personally want to THANK you! And I will definitely need and DESIRE more training with you guys! Perfect team!

EC, medical oncologist, Spain

I think everyone in our field should train in these skills.

EDM, medical oncologist, Italy

I got so much out of this and I will definitely think about and use many of the elements long into the future.

BL, medical oncologist, UK


We’re passionate about communicating the value that science and medicine bring to the world. Whether it’s bringing life to the resulting data, showcasing the research or raising awareness of rare diseases, illustrating the potential of new drugs, devices and technologies, or driving best practice in patient care, our purpose is to elevate the communication of science and medicine to positively impact society. 


We enable physicians and scientists to communicate effectively and authentically with their audiences. When science is communicated purposefully, powerfully and practically, society can make progress.

meet our founder

Jo Browning

  Jo Browning is a specialist in verbal communication skills, and helps scientists and physicians to speak with impact and authority. She’s passionate about conveying the value that science and medicine bring to the world, whether it be by bringing life to data, raising awareness of rare diseases, illustrating the potential of new technologies, or driving best practice in patient care. Her purpose is to elevate the communication of science and medicine to positively impact society.   In all, she’s had 25 years of experience helping scientists and physicians to improve their content, competence, and confidence, so that they can speak with impact and authority. This enables them to influence the audiences they want to reach and to enhance their reputations.   Jo began her working life at BAFTA and Emmy award-winning Insight News Television, where she trained as a journalist. She then moved into public relations, and has held senior positions at GSK and also major international communications agencies in London and Australia, where she worked as a media trainer. Her English degree from Oxford University, her Diploma in Public Relations, and her Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Science and Society’, all underpin her work. She has also lectured undergraduates on science and corporate communications, and held the position of Senior Lecturer at the University of Rhine Waal in Germany.   Today, she coaches and trains scientific and medical professionals to become influential speakers and presenters, and her knowledge of media training, including presenting in-person and on camera, is in demand across all scientific sectors. Through exercises and role play, her clients improve their ability to communicate their ideas and build their confidence. Overall, she’s trained more than 10,000 people across 43 countries and four continents.